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Commercial Refrigeration Contractor To Repair & Maintain Your Business Coolers & Freezers

Keeping your inventory cold and ready to be sold is a top priority for many fantastic businesses in our area. If you ever need a commercial refrigeration contractor in Apopka, K&E A/C and Refrigeration, Inc is the company you can trust!

K&E A/C and Refrigeration, Inc is who you can depend on for commercial refrigeration for Apopka, and we play second fiddle to no one when it comes to providing expert services at an affordable rate. Our technicians have years of experience repairing, maintaining, and installing a wide variety of refrigeration units. Unlike other commercial refrigeration contractors out there, K&E A/C and Refrigeration, Inc guarantees our work, and we always go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied. We're a team of talented technicians who are always delighted to put our expertise to use. Whether you're ready for a repair, tune-up, or upgrade, you can rest assured our professionals are more than qualified to deliver top-quality results.

When you need help with refrigeration units in your business, our team is available 24/7! K&E A/C and Refrigeration, Inc is your reliable commercial refrigeration contractor in Apopka, so don't hesitate to give us a ring at 407-232-5112.

Walk in cooler

Walk-In Coolers

If your walk-in cooler isn't staying cool or isn't working, our experts can get them functioning just like new again! Our repair team can tackle any faulty or damaged parts in your cooler, and our maintenance service is perfect for tune-ups and ensuring your cooler continues to serve the needs of your business.

Walk in freezer

Walk-In Freezers

For businesses that depend on them, having a reliable walk-in freezer is vital for day-to-day operations and continued success. Walk-in freezers can fail, though, and when that happens, we're the commercial refrigeration contractor you can count on for quick repair and maintenance work that will minimize any damage to your business.

Ice machines

Ice Machines

If you have an ice machine at your business, you need it to produce ice on demand all day, every day, consistently. So when your ice machine begins to fail you or not keep up with your needs, you can trust our ice machine repair technicians will have a quick, professional fix that will have it working flawlessly again.

Reach in cooler

Reach-In Coolers

Is your reach-in cooler not providing the amount of refrigeration your business needs to keep up with demand? Our reach-in cooler repair and maintenance team is who you can rely on to find and fix any problems with your cooler systems and ensure they serve you and your business at their optimum capacity whenever you need them to.

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